Welcome!  I'm so glad that you are here!  Sit for awhile and check back from time to time.  Having you here and sharing with you is a blessing.

What are you facing today?  Would you believe that you are meant to be in this moment?Whatever you may be facing, we are part of a bigger story that God has prepared for us.  A story that points us to a Savior.  A story that reveals God's heart to us as we align our hearts with His.

When you opened your eyes this morning, God's mercy instantly fell on your day.  His goodness and compassion meet us each morning.  And with that truth, we are able to let go of past disappointments and hurts.  We are able to face the wrestling in our hearts.  We are able to recognize and set limits.  We may end the need to spend our lives striving for more.

While we can't possibly know what lies ahead for us, with God we are able to face every unknown.   With God, the lovely and the ugly of this life can exist at the same time.  In Him, all fullness dwells and we are made complete.

In Him, we are free to live this life in the fullness.

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