For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16


the world around us is caving in and the pressures of this life are crushing us, weariness and doubt fill our minds - hopelessness and captivity fill our spirits - loneliness and guilt fill our souls.

hope does exist. we are not alone. this life is temporary. our lives are temporary. but God has no end. we can trust Him. He is true and unshaken. we are loved by Him. and His gift of love is free, unconditional, unending.

we mess up. but our failures do not define us. it is not about what we do or have done. it is about what God has done for us. He defines us. He replaces the emptiness with His beauty.

we are special to Him. He wants all of us. but dying to all that we perceive ourselves to be is not easy. we must distance ourselves from anything that takes His place.

God will reveal Himself to us, as we make our lives available to Him. He will guide us beyond the familiar and comfortable. His strength will see us thru the things that in all humanity seem impossible. He will stand beside us as we dig deeper into our very beings.

the things of this earth keep us thirsty. God quenches our tired souls and saturates us with His goodness, even when we have nothing to bring Him. this world can not offer us anything that compares. 

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