For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16


when i began to write this page, i wondered...if i could only tell you one thing about me (thank goodness i'm not limited to just one), what would i really want you to know?

i'm a nowhere-near-perfect woman daily receiving His grace.

as much as i would like to think i do, i don't have all the answers. everyday, i set myself up for failure. i yearn to be comfortable with the real me. i'm a recovering people-pleaser. and i slip into a follow-status-quo pattern too often. self-reliance, self-doubt, and fear paralyze me. and i wake up each morning to do it all over again.

yet, with God's goodness and mercy meeting me each morning, i am recognizing and setting limits. i am letting go of past disappointments and hurts and the need to spend my life making up for them. i am learning to live this life in the fullness.

as i share with you my journey, i hope you are able to identify with the loveliness and the struggle going on here, and in time maybe there will be a connection between us.

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