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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

paper heart

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have you ever experienced true love? the kind that does not hold contempt and knows no boundaries.

get real!?! this is a crazy careless world, full of crazy careless people. besides, true love is not for you. right? 

i know that my heart has been ripped apart and left behind by people i trusted the most, people from whom i yearned to receive unconditional love. 

out of a broken world comes broken people who pass on their brokenness. and what i have come to realize is that we have a choice. yes, we do. we can either continue this legacy of brokenness or set a new one in motion.

there is true love for you. there is a love that does not hold contempt, no matter what we have done or where we have been. a love that knows no boundaries. a love that never ends. a love so real! 

God's love is greater than our torn hearts, greater than our brokenness. He is the Seamstress that picks up the pieces of our torn and scattered dreams and mends our paper hearts. 

i am clinging to His love. and He has set anew my life and the legacy that i will leave behind. God has written His name on my paper heart! and He will write His name on yours!

My Paper Heart, Francesca Battistelli

Well I’ve been treated like a valentine
That’s been ripped apart and left behind
I’m a fragile girl
In a crazy careless world
My dreams were torn and scattered on the floor
But You’ve been picking up the pieces, Lord
‘Cause Your love is real
The only hope to heal
My paper heart is Yours now
I have landed in Your hands
Come so far to find out
My life will never be the same
Since you wrote Your name
On my paper heart
I had been so terrified to trust
So many times I’d been reduced to dust
But You keep showing me
You’re the safest place to be
Never knew that I could feel the way I feel
Never knew that there could be a love so real
Never knew that I could feel the way I feel right now

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