For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

loving you, loving me

journal entry from 1-28-10

sunShine ran to me this afternoon after school, hugged my neck, and wouldn't let me go. She whispered in my ear, "i love you mommy!"

whoa, melt my heart!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


nowadays, we often feel...

and out-done.

so are the days of young parenthood x3!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Ring Around the Rosie"

sweetPea has renamed the classic, "Ring Around the Rosie," to Achee, Achee.

and sunShine sings it as...

"Ring around the rosie,
pock-a, pock-a posie,
ashes, ashes, all fall down!"

they both adore having their older sister lead them around while singing countless amounts of Achee, Achee!!!

monkey see...

just caught sweetPea with a screwdriver trying to lock the cover on the piano. yes, he got the screwdriver from the drawer all by himself!

we have a piano that dates back to the late 1800's. the piano came from hunny's family and was recently shared with us. when we first received the piano, hunny tried to lock the piano with a screwdriver in hopes that we would be able to keep little fingers from playing without supervision.

monkey see, monkey do, monkey get in trouble too!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


do you ever wake up knowing the day will not go as you planned? not sure what that feeling is but you just know with every inch of your being that it will be one of those days!

well, that is the case for us today. nothing accomplished (with ease anyways), clean rooms to see them messy again, a whole bottle of chocolate sauce poured into a bowl-dripping down the side-onto the pantry shelf-onto the floor-and all over baby, more breakfast & lunch on the floor and table than in mouths, milk spilt, dog drool, dishes piled undone, poop diapers bigger and smellier, no cream, no sugar for coffee, baskets full of folded laundry, broken swings, missing blankets, and no rest in sight.

that pretty much sums up the day...and it is only 1:30 in the afternoon! pure exhaustion!!! pure joy!!! because i AM gonna miss this...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jelly Belly buddy

found in Google images
last night, sweetPea delighted in his first jelly belly occasion.

his little face lit up with the realization that he had never eaten one before.

he did really well! and it was hilarious to watch him chew and chew and chew and chew while holding his hand out for more.  

no eating Jelly Bellys now without my buddy beside me!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


journal entry from 1-27-10

nothing like a quick second in your life to "check" you. i woke sweetPea this morning and noticed blood in his crib. no visible sign of a cut on him. but there was blood on the sheet, pjs, blanket, and smeared across his face. so, of course, i called the doctor's office immediately.

the doctor's office told me "toddlers" at this age roll around and are rambunctious in their sleep. okay...i could take that he might be a little rambunctious, after all he is a boy, but what i couldn't take was my baby being called a toddler!

Friday, September 17, 2010


well, we had terminix come today and work on our "little" spider problem. if you missed the post about the spider, check it out here.

while i was explaining to the nice man where most of the problem was occurring, ladyBug popped in with firmness and said, "there is a mouse in my garage and spiders on my playground!!!"

the poor man just giggled and explained to her that he would definitely check on the mouse in the garage and fix the spider problem on the playground 'cause he definitely did not want spiders biting kids.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i could not ask for more

by Sara Evans

These are the moments
I thank God that I'm alive,
These are the moments
I remember all my life.
I've found all I'm waiting for
And I could not ask for more.

I could not ask for more than this time together.
Could not ask for more than this time with you.
Every prayer has been answered,
Every dream I've had's come true.

Yeah right here in this moment,
Is right where I'm meant to be.
Here with you, here with me.


each friday the babes and i take a trip to our local library. sunShine calls it the "bi-bary!" it has become one of the most treasured times for me as a mommy.

the girls pick out their "for fun" books, and we always pick a couple of board books for sweetPea. i get all the needed books for our curriculum, and the girls pick out a movie for movie night.

getting to experience these moments was some of what i missed last year when ladyBug was at a conventional school. these sweet moments make the more difficult days of educating at home so worth it. 

i not only get to teach them library fundamentals like call numbers, quiet voices, and checking out, but i get to experience it, really experience it!

i am thankful for the opportunity to educate and mentor my children and for diving to a deeper level with them.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

super-silly style

one of our favorite past times is combing & styling hair...

even sweetPea is fancy on having his hair styled (much to daddy's dismay)! this particular time, he left his hair alone for hours.

ladyBug styled my hair the same way - glad she didn't want to take my picture!

sunShine has so much fun with styling hair. she belly-laughs when she sees her super-silly style in the mirror!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


author unknown

"fuzzy caterpillar climbing up a tree.
it wiggled long. it wiggled short.
it wiggled right at me.
i put him in a little box.
'don't go away,' i said.
but when i opened up the box,
it was a butterfly.
i could never make one, even if i tried.
cause only God in Heaven
can make a butterfly."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hit the floor running

yesterday was the end to a short holiday for us. we took a break from the "real" world, 10 days spent away from educating at home and 5 days of rest from work. our time included lots of relaxing (as much as you can with three babies) and the enjoyment of just being together.

today, though, we hit the floor running, running head first into reality. daddy returned to crazy days at the office, the bambinos back to fun-packed days at school, and mommy back to the blessed duties of a homemaker and teacher. whew!!! i call dibs on an early bedtime...

fueling our tummies

heading out the door


Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Life grows lovely where you are."
~Mathilde Blind

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


a "friend" came over to play with us today...